Paddletown Picnic

While planning for the church’s 150th anniversary, many people asked about the Paddletown Picnic, even though it hasn’t been held for nearly fifty years.  We decided that since the Paddletown Picnic was such a fond memory for many in the community, it would be a great event to hold while celebrating Paddletown Church’s 150 years of service.

food stands


The following items will be available for purchase at the pavillion:

– Chicken corn soup

– Hamburg barbeque

– Hotdogs

– Chips

– Pie slices

– Lemonade

– Water

– Soda 

food sts

food stands


Ice-cold watermelon will be available by the slice.


food stands

Ice cream

Ice cream cups with a wooden spoon.




A variety of new and old favorites.


Free community concerts

The Paddletown Picnic always had music, and today will be no different.  While there is no longer a Paddletown Sunday School Band and many of the large community bands are no longer in existence, we have found some great musicians to join us!


New Cumberland Town Band

This town band has been providing free concerts to the community since 1946!


Penny Lane

Penny Lane is a Beatles tribute band that plays a lot of your favorite classics.

Paddletown Picnic

Saturday, August 19, 2023

2:00 – 7:00 pm

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