Christian Education - Sunday School Classes for all ages

Children’s Sunday School Classes

               Lambs:   Ages 4 – 3rd grade

                          (meets in the Christian Education Center)

               Young Disciples:   4th – 6th grade

                          (meets in the Christian Education Center)

The Young Disciple class is an active group learning with the B.I.G. (Belief in God) curriculum. Sundays find the class using Bibles, concordances, games, songs, and crafts to learn about Jesus and God. They have several activities throughout the year including picnics, a weekend camping trip and mission projects.  This summer the class has been learning about different kinds of worship and has visited a mega church, a Latino church and will be experiencing a lake shore worship also.  Come join us!  It will be an adventure!!

Youth Sunday School Class

               Youth: 7th – 12th grade

                          (meets in the Christian Education Center)

Adult Sunday School Classes

Breakfast Club: Younger adult discussion class

                          (meets in the Christian Education Center)

                          The Breakfast Club Sunday School Class is currently using Adam Hamilton's book "The Journey" for their lessons.  Come and join us as 

                           we travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem using a video with historical date, and personal stories surrounding the birth of Christ.  Imagine the 

                           Holy Land, over 2,000 years ago - a time shrouded in darkness and uncertainty.  A young woman named Mary and her husband, Joseph, 
                           travel many miles to the village of Bethlehem.  To passersby, they would seem all but ordinary.  Now imagine the sheer, almost unfathom-
                           able magnitude of the secret task carrried by this young couple.  This is the journey of the people whom God selected for a most sacred
                           purpose -- to bring the Son of God, our Messiah, into the world.
                           Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:00am in our classroom in the CE Center.
The Breakfast Club Creed
We believe in one God.
We believe we have support from our Church family.
We believe in each
other's gifts.
We believe in the power of prayer.
We believe in everyday blessings.
We believe we always have something new
to learn.
We believe in fellowship as a strength and support.
We believe the church to be the central line between Heaven
and Earth.
We believe in the miracles of God.
We believe in the teachings of one Creator.
We believe in sharing God's story to each generation.
We believe we are accepted as who we are.
We believe our children to be safe in our church.
We believe in the beauty God created of Earth.
We believe in Love, not Judgment.
We believe we are each a part of the body of the Church.
We believe that through God all things are possible.
            Walking through the Bible Discussion Class: Bible study – one verse at a time
                        (meets in the Christian Education Center)
            Autumn Sunshine Class : International Bible studies
                        (meets in the church sanctuary)

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